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Hanripitz's fully automatic unpacking and feeding system solution is sought after

Release date:2017-11-20 15:57:00Reading:352

In the field of solid bulk material handling, Hanrepze has been in a leading position in China. In recent years, due to the increase in labor costs and people's control of environmental pollution during dust treatment, Han Ruipuze bagged raw material automatic unpacking and feeding system solutions have been sought after by various industries. This fully automatic unpacking and feeding system realizes automation, intelligence, and standardized production, replacing traditional manual stripping operations, thereby effectively saving labor costs and also achieving significant results in improving the dust operation environment.
Hanpu Puze has applied manual feeding to the feeding section of many factories, which has caused serious harm to workers' health, low efficiency, and low degree of automation. It has developed solutions suitable for different working conditions, including materials transportation that can also be used in explosion-proof areas.
This fully automatic unpacking and feeding solution is a fully automatic, intelligent, integrated raw material packaging bag destacking, unpacking, recycling, conveying, and dust removal system. Except for forklift loading, unmanned operation.
The robot automatically unstacks and puts the packaging bags on the conveyor. The bags that pass through the packaging bag sorter enter the crusher and are automatically unpacked. The materials are automatically separated and fall into the downstream equipment after inspection, or they are transported to the designated location. After the waste bags are separated automatically, they are compressed, strapped and packed. The dust generated during the unpacking process is discharged by the filter duster after purification and filtering.
This system solution is widely used in the unpacking of solid materials in the chemical, chemical fiber, grain, food, pharmaceutical, coal mine and other industries. Generally speaking, as long as it is the unpacking of raw materials, almost all can be applied, and the maximum amount of unpacking can reach 2000 packs / hour.
It is reported that the program has the following characteristics:
Improve the production environment and prevent the health effects of dust on workers;
High degree of automation improves production efficiency;
Reliable operation, low power consumption, low maintenance and repair costs;
The solution has strong flexibility, which can optimize the applicability of the solution according to different working conditions of customers;
Applicable to automation operations in explosion-proof areas;
Applicable to food-grade working conditions.