Rotary Valve
Product Overview
Commonly known as rotary valve or star feeder, it is a special equipment used for unloading, packaging, mixing, dedusting, metering and quantitative transportation in the conveying system of solid materials (powder foam, particle materials, powder mixture). In the air flow conveying system, it can bear certain pressure difference and air lock function to ensure that the solid bulk material with the maximum capacity can be transported with the minimum gas flow
Performance characteristics
Product features
The special section at the inlet and outlet of the shell can effectively prevent the extrusion, blocking and shear crushing of the granular materials
The exhaust channel and exhaust pipe interface for balancing pressure are designed in the shell, which can improve the working efficiency without material accumulation
The shell and impeller are designed with special structure, which can transport special materials such as high hardness, high viscosity, high temperature, easy to generate static electricity and superfine
Be able to transport food grade and drug grade materials

main parameter
Maximum capacity: 500t / h
Allowable conveying material temperature: 650 (maximum)
Main size: DN50 ~ DN1500
Working pressure: normal pressure AP: ATM, low pressure LP: 0.15Mpa, medium pressure MP: 0.3MPa, high pressure HP: 0.65Mpa, ultra-high pressure: 1.0MPa ~ 0.7MPa, maximum working pressure: 10.0MPa
Main types: positive pressure transport, negative pressure transport, high pressure transport, transport after quick disassembly and cleaning, gravity quantitative discharge, etc

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