Pipe chain conveyor
Product Overview

Tubular chain conveyor, also known as chain plate conveyor, is a mechanical system that moves inside the closed pipe. In the conveying system, it has the characteristics of stable performance and energy saving. It can continuously transport powder, small particles and small pieces of bulk materials, and can also be horizontally, obliquely and vertically combined.

Performance characteristics
The pipeline is completely closed, free of dust and pollution, and other dust removal equipment is not required;

Low power and energy consumption;

It can deal with many kinds of materials which are hot, cold, wet, dry, easy to absorb moisture or sensitive to temperature;

Materials with good flow rate can be fed automatically;

Energy saving, environmental protection and low crushing rate;

Easy to install;

Multi point feeding and multi-point discharging are available.

Conveying distance: 60m horizontally and 40m vertically; maximum conveying capacity: 150m3.

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