Talent Development

Know people and make best use of them

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and a strategic resource. The core of talent strategy is to cultivate, attract, use and explore people. The company advocates the employment concept of "morality first, performance only". In the selection, appointment and promotion of talents, the first assessment is the loyalty, faithfulness, dedication, dedication, sense of responsibility and team spirit of employees. We should tailor our clothes to suit our needs, do whatever we can, pay attention to training, improve our quality, give full opportunities to display our talents, and make full use of our talents.

Career development

The company pays attention to the growth and development of employees and their career planning, and is committed to providing employees with a good career development channel, breaking the employment standard of simply talking about education background and qualifications, and implementing bold promotion, so as to achieve the best, the average and the average.

Staff training

The company attaches great importance to the comprehensive quality training of employees, with a set of online training, offline training combined, internal training as the main, external training as the auxiliary training system:

  • Induction training system

  • On the job skills improvement training system

  • Management leadership training system

  • Other special training

Compensation and benefits
In order to attract, motivate and retain excellent talents, and achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and employees, the company provides employees with a salary and welfare system with external competitiveness and internal fairness, and closely around the company's business policies, formulate and effectively implement relevant salary policies, and timely adjust and improve the company's salary system.

Competitive salary structure system in the industry

Board and lodging

Free working meal and beautiful dormitory


All employees are entitled to the national statutory annual leave

Union organization

In order to meet the working and living needs of employees, the company has set up trade union organizations to maximize the protection of employees' rights and interests and the solution of working and living problems

Insurance and Housing Fund

In order to fully protect the rights and interests of all employees, the company not only pays five risks and one gold for all employees, but also fully contributes to the purchase of personal accident insurance, travel accident insurance and other commercial insurance for some positions, which effectively promotes the security and happiness of employees