Diverter Valve
Product Overview
Commonly known as three-way reversing valve and three-way commutator, it is a kind of reversing device which is used to switch direction in the pipeline for conveying solid bulk material. In particular, it is applied to the material flow direction switching between different bins in the air flow conveying system.
Performance characteristics

According to the material characteristics and conveying conditions, there are many types of structure: ball type, rotary plate type, cylinder type and swing plate type.

According to the requirements of the transmission pipeline, the appropriate installation angle and direction can be selected independently.

In case of pressure sealing requirements, special sealing structure can be configured to fully meet the use requirements of various working conditions.Main size: DN40 ~ 1000, working pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.6MPa, working temperature: - 20 ~ 500 Applicable media: solid materials (powder, granular materials, powder particle mixture, flake, etc Main materials: SS304, ss304l, SS316, SS316L, WCB, etc., driving mode: manual, pneumatic, electric, etc Structure: ball type, rotary plate type, cylinder type, swing plate type, swing ball type, pipeline included angle: 30 , 45 , 60 , etc.

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