New energy lithium production line
Product Overview
Relying on the technology and equipment advantages in the field of powder engineering for 18 years, Hanrui Puzer can provide one-stop solutions and services, and provide equipment and systems for five major plates in the production process of high nickel ternary positive material and negative material:
1.Unpacking and feeding system
2. Metering and batching system
3. Pneumatic conveying system
4. Dust collection system: sintering plate, bag and filter
5. PLC intelligent control system: main control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, field man-machine operation system
Performance characteristics
According to the material characteristics of the lithium battery positive material industry, Hanrui Puzer has customized and designed the special equipment in line with the application of the lithium battery industry:
¡îSpecial metering screw feeder for lithium battery: screw feeder specification dn80-dn100; material 304 stainless steel, spray tungsten carbide, ECTFE technology, mechanical seal + air seal.
¡îSpecial rotary valve for lithium battery: dn50-dn300; material: 304 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, mechanical seal + air seal at shaft end.
¡îSpecial sliding plate valve and butterfly valve for lithium battery: Specification dn50-dn300; material 304 stainless steel, coating ECTFE technology for parts contacting with materials.
¡îSpecial sintering plate dust collector for lithium battery: Using UHMWPE sintering plate as filter material. It can separate dust with particle size > 0.1um, with dust removal efficiency up to 99.99%; it is resistant to strong acid and alkali, especially suitable for alkaline powder such as lithium hydroxide; it can handle dust with high water content; it can resist static electricity, with service life more than 5-10 times that of ordinary bag type or cartridge type dust collector.

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