Double flap valve
Product Overview
The double-layer airlock valve, also known as double-layer flap valve, is mainly used as the feed and discharge device at the bottom of cyclone separator, dust remover, various dryers, silos and other equipment to prevent the external wind from entering it, which is widely used in chemical, food, building materials, metallurgy, power and other industries.

Applicable conditions
When the collection part of the pneumatic conveying device has high requirements for tightness;
For the powder adhering to the sliding part, which is easy to cause failure;
Occasions to prevent damage caused by powder blockage;
High sealing requirements under high temperature.

Performance characteristics
Product features
Simple structure and good air tightness;
Valve plate and valve seat switch alternately, without sliding structure, so as to maintain high tightness;
Wear resistant, suitable for sealing at high temperature;
Blocking is not easy to occur;
Various main materials of stainless steel (SS304, ss304l, SS316, 316L, ss836l) can be selected according to the actual needs of users;
Flange can be round or square for selection;
Electric or pneumatic driving device can be selected.

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