Automatic unpacking machine
Product Overview

It is a high-tech equipment to realize the automation, intellectualization and automatic unpacking and feeding of bagged bulk materials without dust leakage, reaching the international advanced level. It can replace people with machines, save energy and increase efficiency, improve production capacity, promote industrial upgrading, avoid the health hazards of manual unpacking, and create a green, safe and comfortable working environment. The full-automatic unpacker was listed in the 2009 innovation fund project of the Ministry of science and technology, four invention patents and eight utility model patents.

Performance characteristics
Product features:
● Replace traditional manual work
● Improve dust working environment
● realize automation, intelligence, standardization and mass production
Main parameter:

Unpacking capacity: 2000 packages / hour (maximum)
Unpacking range: 0.1kg-70kg/bag
Removable packaging bags: kraft paper, plastic film, woven bags, gunny bags, composite bags, etc
Main application areas:
Petrochemical, chemical, plastic, medicine, food, new materials, energy, daily chemical, coating, environmental protection and other fields.
Unpackable materials:
PP, PE, PVC, sodium carbonate, graphite, carbon black, calcium carbonate, caprolactam, washing powder, quartz sand, glucose, starch, white granulated sugar, protein powder, salt, soybean, urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, lithium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gypsum, BAC, active carbon, washing powder, bleaching powder and other solid bulk materials (powder, particle, sheet, etc.).

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