Automatic loading and unloading system
Product Overview
According to different types of bulk material handling requirements, provide customized and automated logistics handling system integration scheme
1. Container loading: air transportation and mechanical transportation
2. Container unloading
Application fields: mainly used in chemical industry, food and medicine, new energy, daily chemical, building materials and other industries
Application medium: particle and powder
Performance characteristics
Container loading
Container loading mainly includes horizontal gravity loading, air transportation loading, screw transportation and belt transportation. According to the market demand, Hanrui Puzer has developed two kinds of automatic loading forms: pneumatic conveying and mechanical conveying. The container automatic loading and unloading system is fast and simple in operation. Employees only need to park the container car at the designated location, use the automatic loading and unloading management system, input the loading amount, and then the container can be loaded automatically. In the process, the loading amount and loading time can be monitored in real time through the operation screen. Compared with the traditional tank car, the container loading efficiency and filling rate are higher, and the dust leakage is zero, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment. The automatic loading system has good weight stability, precise loading pressure control, ensuring loading efficiency and avoiding bag bursting risk, effectively improving loading and unloading efficiency, reducing the storage cost of warehouse area and transfer.
Horizontal gravity loading
It is suitable for the loading of powder and granular materials with a height of more than 20 m in the silo foundation without additional energy, and the filling rate is more than 95%;
Actual case parameters:
(1) Material PTA, 40 foot container, actual loading 27.5t; loading time 15min, filling rate 100%.
(2) Material PP, 40 foot container, actual loading 18t; loading time 35min, filling rate 98%.
(3) Material PA, 40 foot container, actual loading 18t; loading time 40min, filling rate 98%.
Accession Pneumatic conveying and loading
It is suitable for the loading of granular materials with a height of more than 1 m of the silo foundation. There is no special requirement for the parking position of the tank car. It is equipped with an air supply system with a filling rate of 100%;
Actual case parameters:
(4) Material PA, 40 foot container actual loading 20t; loading time 45min, filling rate 98%.
(5) Material PVC, 40 foot container actual loading 18t; loading time 25min, filling rate 100%.

Container unloading
Container unloading can be customized according to the customer's needs. It is mainly divided into unloading with or without frame. It is suitable for 20 foot and 40 foot containers. When unloading, it is only necessary to park the vehicle at the designated position, and use the three opening inclined unloading design to dump materials through the pipeline. The system has large discharge capacity, high efficiency, and no residual materials. The optimized pneumatic conveying system can effectively control particle breakage and ensure product quality.
Actual case parameters:
(6) Material PP, 40 foot container; unloading capacity 42t / h;
(7) Material PE, 40 foot container; unloading capacity 30t / h;

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