AGV intelligent loading and unloading system
Product Overview
It is used to automatically load pallets, barrels, containers, boxes and other materials from the starting point of transportation, automatically guide the transportation to the end point of transportation, automatically complete the unloading, the whole process of unmanned automat
ic completion, automatic identification, management, navigation and charging.
Performance characteristics
1. AGV intelligent loading and unloading system can be customized according to users, with specifications of 5t, 10t, 20t, 30t, 50t, etc.
2. AGV intelligent loading and unloading vehicle can be equipped with Mecanum wheel system, which can realize all-round driving and adapt to complex roads and parking positions.
3. Including loading and conveying system, AGV automatic navigation unmanned carrier, unloading and conveying system.
4. There are explosion-proof and standard models.

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