Bag dumping station
Product Overview

The bag dumping station is also called manual unpacking machine or bag opening station. Its body contains a filter and dust removal system with compact structure. The material recovered through the dedusting system falls into the storage hopper by gravity. The operator puts the bag on the bracket and pushes it into the iron grid. Next, the operator cuts a vertical opening in the bag and shakes the bag to empty it. The material in the bag can be transferred to a feeder through a hopper. The self-contained fan recovers the dust containing gas produced in the process of bag opening, and the automatic pulse back blowing dust remover cleans the dust regularly. The emptied bags can be sent to the waste bag compressor of optional equipment for treatment to ensure the cleanness of the site environment.

Performance characteristics
The overall structure of the product is welding;
Compact overall structure design, exquisite and beautiful;
Various main materials of stainless steel (SS304, SS304l, SS316, 316L) can be selected according to the actual needs of users;
It can be combined with dust separation and filtration equipment or assembled with central vacuum cleaner;
The hopper for collecting materials has different volumes to choose from;
The height of the support leg can be adjusted;
A compressor can be configured for waste bag recycling;
It can be equipped with automatic bag breaking mechanism.

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