Sintering plate dust collector
Product Overview
High efficiency dust remover with sintering plate as filter element. Because the sintered plate is rigid structure, will not deform, and no framework wear, so the service life is long. Under some working conditions, its service life is more than 10 times that of cloth bag. Because the surface of the sintering plate is treated in depth, the pore diameter is small and uniform, and it is hydrophobic, so it is not easy to adhere the dust with high water content, so the sintering plate dust collector is the best choice when processing the dust with high water content and fibrous dust. In addition, because the high-precision manufacturing of the sintering plate maintains a uniform micron aperture, it can also deal with ultra-fine dust and high concentration dust. The inlet concentration of the ordinary bag filter is generally less than 20g / m3, while the inlet concentration of the sintering plate dust collector can reach 500g / m3. The utility model can simplify the secondary dust collection into the primary dust collection, which is not only convenient for the process, but also can reduce the cost and energy consumption and reduce the floor area and space pipeline.
Performance characteristics
Strong acid and alkali resistance due to the use of PE and PTFE
The PTFE coating penetrates into the matrix to form a microporous structure, which is not easy to wear and tear
Resistant to strong humidity and micro oil
There is no risk of product contamination due to fiber shedding
Renewable (refurbishable)
Absolutely silicon free
Anti static filter element can be provided for collection of flammable and explosive dust
Separable dust particle size > 0.1 M
Dust removal efficiency reaches 99.999%
Service life expectancy is more than 10 years
Filter resistance is stable throughout the service life
Excellent separation efficiency
Adapt to high inlet concentration ( 500g / m3)
Filtration effect: far less than 1mg / m3 discharge concentration
ATEX compliant products available

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