Slide Valve
Product Overview
Slide valve, also known as gate valve or knife valve, is a special valve used to open and close the pipeline in the solid material conveying system. The fully sealed structure can be applied to thousand outdoor environment, mainly using the bottom of thousand silo, hopper or related equipment.
Performance characteristics
The shell and main parts are all made of precision casting, with solid structure, high strength, not easy to change, and beautiful appearance;
The conveying channel shall be smooth and smooth to ensure the smooth flow of materials without blocking;
Blade type RAM design, when closing, the inclined surface is applied to the valve seat, with good air tightness;
The polishing precision can reach 400 3, which is suitable for conveying food grade and drug grade materials;
Various main materials can be selected according to the actual needs of users: stainless steel (SS304, ss304l, SS316, 316L carbon steel, etc.);
There are many driving modes to choose from: manual, pneumatic, electric;
A perfect control system can improve the automation level and ensure efficient operation reliability.

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