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Leaders from Jinshan District visited Hanrepze

Release date:2019-12-07 15:31:00Reading:294

On the afternoon of December 7, Zhang Quanquan, deputy head of Jinshan District, secretary of Zhang Weidong of Tinglin Township, and Wang Chi, general manager of the development zone, and other leaders visited Han Ruipuze to inspect and guide the work. When the leaders of the districts and towns came to the company, they immediately visited the manufacturing workshop and cared about and understood the company's production and employees' work.
Subsequently, Ms. Yue Wenxie, the chairman of the company, and Mr. Hua Zhongli, the general manager introduced the company's development history to the leaders, focusing on the company's high-tech enterprises in the field of powder engineering in the field of intelligent and automated equipment. Efforts and achievements in the fields of intelligent, automated, green, safe, and environmentally friendly powder engineering.
Deputy District Chief Zhang praised the working environment of Hanpuze Co., Ltd. and was very optimistic about the company's professional R & D innovation and development prospects. He carefully understood the company's production and operation situation and the planning and construction of new projects, and seriously asked about the difficulties and problems that needed to be solved during the development of the company. He said: Enterprises are the foundation of economic development. We must serve enterprises with heart and heart, solve problems for enterprises, and refuel for development.
Finally, on behalf of the company, Mr. Yue thanked the leaders of the district and town for their care and support for the company, and expressed that he did not forget his original intention, and will continue to be a good business person and fulfill his social responsibility as always!
Han Rui Pu Ze Powder Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, has been dedicated to the solution of solid bulk processing system. Mainly serving petrochemical, chemical fiber, plastic resin, metallurgy, medicine, food, environmental protection, coal gasification and other industries. At present, 21 Chinese patents have been authorized, of which 8 national patents have been obtained for the rotary feeder; 10 national patents have been obtained for the automatic unpacking machine, one of which is a national invention patent and has been included in the 2009 National Innovation Fund Project; The semi-automatic unpacking and unloading machine has obtained a national patent; the pipe chain conveyor has obtained 3 patents.